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Leo’s Daily Tips – Today, On Marketing Strategy

I was reading an interesting political article that speaks to marketing as well-on the subject of the difference between chaos & disruption. My thoughts: chaos leads to no solution or endpoint while disruption does. In marketing, disruption may be valuable, but if there is no endpoint or goal, you’re creating chaos, which is rarely valuable

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Leo’s Daily Marketing Tips – Today, On Social Media

In social media, it’s important to remember that content is for the reader & not for you. Therefore, post things that would attract people’s attention & ultimately get them to follow you because you’re consistently interesting online. A goal should be to attract eyeballs & motivate sharing of your  interesting content.

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Leo’s Daily Tips – Today, On Advertising

Sometimes diversification is beneficial to your marketing mix, but not if it sacrifices consistency & impact. Better to focus more dollars and enhance frequency in one medium than to have limited frequency in many. Remember people usually need to see a message repeated 5-10 times before it resonates.

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Leo’s Daily Marketing Tips – Today, On Advertising

Brand confusion can be good or bad depending on your strategy. Sometimes good if your brand image is reminiscent of a giant competitor and people ascribe similar capabilities & stature to you. Bad, if people mistakenly call a competitor thinking that they’re calling you. Watch your colors, type, style & message.

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