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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips – Today, On Marketing Strategy

Great chart about Unique Selling Propositions (USP)? Does your unique  quality or benefit have value to your market AND is distinctive from your competition? If not, you’re just another business in your space. You may be too close to recognize your USP. Let’s chat about helping you identify it. #uniquesellingproposition #brandstrategy #

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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips – Today, On AI

Would you be embarrassed if a client found out you were using AI to write their content? I know we would be. Fortunately, GroupLevinson content is 100% human. But in case you’re questioning some content you read, check out this article on some of the most effective AI detectors. #AIdetector #AIinpublicrelations #aiinmarketing

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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips – Today, On Thought Leadership

You, yes YOU can be a thought leader. Have you ever thought about it, being recognized in your industry as one of the leading thinkers and experts? Check out GroupLevinson’s Thought Leadership program of ghost writing articles, frequent social media posting, speaking engagements and more to enhance your own leadership image. #thoughtleadership #brandleadership #industryguru

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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips -Today, On Marketing Strategy

Don’t be like a department store and feel like you have to promote every department (or for B2b businesses, every service you provide). Focus your message on one bigger picture so potential customers/clients understand precisely what you do and your benefit for them. #targetmarketing #marketingfocus #marketingstrategy

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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips – Today, On Artificial Intelligence

AI in marketing? Is AI & marketing still in the pioneering stage? I found this interesting article on the intersection of AI and marketing in 2024. Check out it’s valuable list of points to consider. How many are you utilizing? #artificialintelligence #AI #thefutureofmarketing

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