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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Website Design

Common SEO misconception: did you know that meta descriptions have nothing to do with search ranking? However they have a lot to do with whether the public clicks on your link in the search results they look over, because meta description is the descriptive copy under the link. Write it for the searcher not the

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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Strategic Planning

Planning marketing for 2022? What’s your goal? (COMMON MISCONCEPTION: ONLY to generate leads). Some other valuable goals: 1) to reinforce sales team, 2) create product/service awareness, 3) promote customer loyalty, 4) introduce a new product/service, 5) sustain interest leading to a prolonged close, 6) to enhance culture internally, etc.

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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Social Media

When it comes to social media and boosting your presence, it’s true that bloggers and influencers can be valuable, but don’t forget your followers who can also be valuable. Develop posts that interest and engage them so that they too will send them to their followers helping you grow audience & stature.

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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Website Design

Make your first impression count on your website’s home page. Do one of two things: 1) communicate the single most important distinguishing thing about your company or product in a “boom” moment. 2) make a benefit statement that you are confident will engage and intrigue the prospect and make them want to know more. Write

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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Marketing Strategy

For thousands of years, people have run businesses using principles of leadership, mentoring, corporate culture, networking, finance & marketing. Do you really think 2 years can disrupt that to create a new normal? Don’t get sidetracked if your company had two exceptionally successful years, and abandon principles. Most likely the recent is the aberration. Plan

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