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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips – Today, On Thought Leadership

Do your customers/clients think you’re the best? One way to cultivate that image is to post daily in social media & get them to follow you. Post about your activities, achievements, accomplishments & insight. When you become a thought leader in their eyes, you preserve customer loyalty. #customerloyalty #thoughtleadership #influencer

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Leo’s #DailyMarketing Tips – Today, On Advertising

A client asked me about using a marketing message that would show his competitors in a negative light due to some of their practices. Looking from a customer’s perspective, the negative may not be completely understood as addressing their pain point and only reflect badly on the source of the message. My response: always be

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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips – Today, On Artificial Intelligence

Interesting article about artificial intelligence (AI) and public relations. I agree that AI can be helpful in researching but not much else because if everyone is obtaining info from the same source, how will products/services/companies be distinguished? What do you think? #AI #artificialintelligence #chatgpt

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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips – Today, On Customer Loyalty

How many of your former prospects and clients/customers have repeat or other issues that you can help them with? How are you keeping in touch with them over the years? A monthly email newsletter helps keep you top of mind triggering repeat business & referrals. #repeatbusiness #customerretention #marketingstrategy

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