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Leo’s #DailyMarketing Tips – Today, On Advertising

A client asked me about using a marketing message that would show his competitors in a negative light due to some of their practices. Looking from a customer’s perspective, the negative may not be completely understood as addressing their pain point and only reflect badly on the source of the message. My response: always be

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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips – Today, On Advertising

Question: what is the most targeted mailing list you can get? Next to your own, the list from your major industry publication is best. Most likely they won’t sell it to you, but you can use it. Create your content (or call us) and then email your message through them. #b2b #b2badvertising #b2bemail

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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips – Today, On Favorite MarketingBooks

MY BOOK RECOMMENDATION OF THE MONTH: “From Those Wonderful People Who Brought You Pearl Harbor” by Jerry Della Femina. Some great funny stories about quirky clients and campaigns during the glory days of advertising. #jerrydellafemina #favoritebooks #bestadvertisingbooks

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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips –

I’ve often said that the last time your customer learned something new about your company was the day they first hired you or bought, and heard your last sales presentation. A monthly newsletter with a case study, product or service feature, etc. will keep customers up to date about all the things you can do

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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips – Today, On Website Design

There is a big debate about websites and whether they should be one long page or a number of regular length pages. Which do you think gets better interest from website visitors? We recommend multi-pages, but check out this article with some valuable pros and cons for each. #onepagewebsite #websitedesign #websiteproduction

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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips – Today, On Gamification

We’re hearing more and more about gamification in business. Have you thought of introducing gamification to customers and prospects? Check out this interesting article about how gamification can work on construction projects. Good points to consider in your specialty. #gamification #futureofmarketing #thoughtleadership

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