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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips – Today, On Marketing Strategy

Great chart about Unique Selling Propositions (USP)? Does your unique  quality or benefit have value to your market AND is distinctive from your competition? If not, you’re just another business in your space. You may be too close to recognize your USP. Let’s chat about helping you identify it. #uniquesellingproposition #brandstrategy #

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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips -Today, On Marketing Strategy

Don’t be like a department store and feel like you have to promote every department (or for B2b businesses, every service you provide). Focus your message on one bigger picture so potential customers/clients understand precisely what you do and your benefit for them. #targetmarketing #marketingfocus #marketingstrategy

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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips – Today, On Brand Strategy

I was at an Angel’s Envy bourbon tasting last evening where several of their sales team attended. Each had the company’s logo, a pair of angel wings, in metal, hanging off their jacket’s handkerchief pocket & wrote in logo’d booklets with logo’d pens. How is your brand follow-through to your public? #angelsenvy #branding #brandstrategy

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Leo’s #dailymarketingtips – Today, On Public Relations

Want more media to write more articles about you and your firm? Target you media list & your message. Take time to handpick your list of editors & writers who publish stories like the ones you want. Then “help them out” by directly sending  them your news & thought leadership insight. #strategicpr #prstrategy #thoughtleadership

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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips – Today, On Marketing Strategy

Check out this interesting article in Forbes about, “15 Key Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2024” by some key marketing people in the U.S.  Many points are valuable to consider. What additional trends do you see? #marketingstrategy #forbes #strategicmarketing

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