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Sep 20, 2021
Thought Leadership
Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On My Webinar on Social Media

Check out this Wednesday at noon, I’m giving a virtual talk to the Women Owned Law organization on the topic of “Social Media and Your Thought Leadership”. Here’s where to sign up:

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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Public Relations

Many PR firms use news wires to distribute press releases. Although releases show up in pre-programmed feeds, there is less chance actual humans will see them. Better to custom craft media lists and then send releases one-to-one to reach actual relevant writers or editors on your list. That’s what we do at GroupLevinson.

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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Brand Strategy

Although your company is special and offers unique advantages, your brand is not an “island”. This means that it exists within the context of your industry and competitors and should highlight meaningful, relevant advantages, reinforcing your exceptionalism. Your logo, as well, should be designed to stand out within your targeted environment.

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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Marketing Strategy

Check your timeline: I was conversing with a prospect who was hesitating about hiring us until the 4th quarter. “It’s the middle of summer,” they said!  So we double checked their timeline, in reality, to make sure they have time for all the phases needed – introduction,concepting/creative, approval, feedback & revision. When we reviewed his

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