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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips – Today, On Artificial Intelligence

Interesting article about artificial intelligence (AI) and public relations. I agree that AI can be helpful in researching but not much else because if everyone is obtaining info from the same source, how will products/services/companies be distinguished? What do you think? #AI #artificialintelligence #chatgpt

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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips – Today, On Customer Loyalty

How many of your former prospects and clients/customers have repeat or other issues that you can help them with? How are you keeping in touch with them over the years? A monthly email newsletter helps keep you top of mind triggering repeat business & referrals. #repeatbusiness #customerretention #marketingstrategy

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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips – Today, On Social Media

Stock photos are better than no photo, but the best graphics are authentic, even if the quality is less than perfect. If you’re involved in the event, ask someone to snap a photo on your camera to post. You’ll be more effective in catching people’s attention. #stockphotos #stockphotography #growingfollowers

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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips – Today, On Advertising

Question: what is the most targeted mailing list you can get? Next to your own, the list from your major industry publication is best. Most likely they won’t sell it to you, but you can use it. Create your content (or call us) and then email your message through them. #b2b #b2badvertising #b2bemail

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Leo’s #DailyMarketingTips – Today, On Favorite MarketingBooks

MY BOOK RECOMMENDATION OF THE MONTH: “From Those Wonderful People Who Brought You Pearl Harbor” by Jerry Della Femina. Some great funny stories about quirky clients and campaigns during the glory days of advertising. #jerrydellafemina #favoritebooks #bestadvertisingbooks

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