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Leo’s Daily Tips – Today, On Advertising

Sometimes diversification is beneficial to your marketing mix, but not if it sacrifices consistency & impact. Better to focus more dollars and enhance frequency in one medium than to have limited frequency in many. Remember people usually need to see a message repeated 5-10 times before it resonates.

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Leo’s Daily Marketing Tips – Today, On Advertising

Brand confusion can be good or bad depending on your strategy. Sometimes good if your brand image is reminiscent of a giant competitor and people ascribe similar capabilities & stature to you. Bad, if people mistakenly call a competitor thinking that they’re calling you. Watch your colors, type, style & message.

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Leo’s Daily Marketing Tips – Today, On Public Relations

National news can affect you. Monitor it in order to be proactive regarding your own organization. For example, how much business did Philadelphia’s Republic Bank lose due to confusion with NY’s Republic Bank that went under? How wary were financial services customers of the industry after the Bernie Madoff incident? Be proactive to reassure customers/prospects

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